Hi, I’m Bear Grizzly

A producer, writer, artist and activist who sometimes is a photographer, web designer and cookie lover

Early on

I always enjoyed words. I started writing short stories as a kid. I worked for my high school newspaper. In the early 2000’s I met up with DJ RO and we started working on music. I created my first album the Bear Witch Project in 2003. From there I went on to produce four more albums. I called my entertainment company Legends Untold based on the never-ending pursuit of creating something profound and legendary


I have been working on creating content and writing for my news website Blacktruth.net. It is a multimedia site that focuses on Entertainment, Politics, and Sports. I have done countless interviews and various individuals throughout the country and around the globe. I’m constantly pushing myself to do new things. I want to give back to my community and help humanity as a whole and am more than willing to work with people who want to do the same thing.